Portable Storage

Constructed of the same high-quality materials as our standard storage buildings, our portable storage buildings are of the highest caliber.


steel & metal systems Portable Storage

Because of the portable aspect of our units, our portable storage units can be utilized in various locations from small, tight, storage spaces to areas where building setbacks will not allow traditional construction. They also work on any land spaces that building departments will not allow permanent construction.​

The Steel & Metal Sytems portable storage buildings are perfect to finish out your storage facility or even create a new one with an innovative and creative mobile, portable design.

Why choose steel & Metal systems?

Complete Site Layout

We provide complete site layout and design at no extra charge!

In-House Engineering

All of our systems include in-house drafting and engineering.



We are a full manufacturing facility where we manufacture all of our own building components.

Experienced & Trained

Experienced project management teams to guarantee seamless and easy project construction from design to building completion.

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Steel & Metal Systems operating hours are Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.

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